Saturday, 5 April 2014


Second Annual Comox Valley Anarchist BookFair May 3rd at the Abbey in Cumberland BC, K’ómoks Territory, KKKanada.

The Abbey Studio, is a 118 year old historic building and former catholic church located at 2687 Penrith Ave. in Cumberland (entrance on 1st Street).

On Saturday May  3rd, you will find....
Independent booksellers, DIY zinesters, Xerox pamphleteers, radical professors, grassroots rebels, Wobblies and non-conformists of every shade will be selling, trading and giving away material showcasing all things anarchy: history, art, philosophy, biographies, analysis, communiqués, current events and some that in true anarchic fashion don’t fit neatly into any category. But the bookfair will be much more than a place to find good reads that will never be reviewed on CBC, it is also a place of possibilities, of meeting new people and learning new takes on old problems. There will be discussions and workshops throughout the day.

From 10AM-5PM, the Abbey will be transformed into a festive bazaar of anarchist books, zines, and crafts. The day’s events will include ongoing workshops and discussions that will happen across the street at the OAP Hall.

A Lunchtime feast will also be held there between 1-2 PM.


In the evening, an open mic Cabaret will unfold starting at 7PM back at The Abbey. All these events are free and open to the public.

We seek to create a liberatory and kid-friendly atmosphere for the day.


A Sunday Gathering is also planned for the following day, May 4th~ Acquire details by contacting us directly, or when you get to the bookfair.


This one day voyage into a marvelous world free from all constraints will open up to any and all who are interested, curious, intrigued, fascinated or intoxicated by what anarchists from all over BC are up to. So come on out and discover what anarchists mean when we demand the impossible!

To help in this voyage of discovery, tablers include Camas Books (Victoria), Spartacus Books (Vancouver), Eberhardt Press (Portland, OR), PM Press (Oakland, CA), along with a dozen other local efforts such as Red Lion Press (Nanaimo), Black Banner Publications (Vancouver), the Pender Punx, and the Intercoastal Print Collective, as well as a sparkling array of participating authors, a wild assortment of cultural provocateurs, and a rousing contingent of radical unionists from the Vancouver Isle Wobblies. 


We acknowledge we are gathering on unceded K’ómoks territory which is stolen land. As anarchists we are committed to totally dismantling the colonial state of Kanada. We reject all manifestations of domination.

  ~The Screech Owl BookFair Organizing Collective