What issues are local anarchists thinking about these days? Workshops and themed discussions will fill the air all day Saturday in the OAP Hall. 

Workshops for kids, including Martial Arts & Crafts are still in the works- stay tuned.




Birthing Freedom: 10-11:30 AM

This workshop will explore how childbirth can be a truly liberating act for everyone involved. It will address options, physiology and ways of reclaiming choice during childbirth in the face of the capitalist medical industrial complex, the reality of fear and how prevailing ideologies challenge the empowering, autonomous, even orgasmic, potential in childbirth.

Oral Culture and Anarchism: 11:30-1 PM

This workshop will begin a conversation about the place of oral culture in current anarchist communities and movements, and how an overemphasis on written/literate/digital culture might serve to reinforce many things anarchists are against and promote a disconnection from the specific regions and ecosystems we inhabit. I am most interested in asking questions and generating ideas for how anarchists can experiment with regenerating oral culture.

LUNCH: 1- 2 PM


Kid's Plant Walk: 2- 3 PM


Anarchists and Indigenous Solidarity 2-3:30 PM

What distinguishes anarchist solidarity? How is it unique? How do we support non-anarchists while maintaining our principles? We will be talking about critical solidarity, especially in relation to indigenous rebels who may have different, divergent or opposing goals than us.

Confronting the LNG Hydra: 3:30-5 PM

Presentation of an anarchist approach to expanding the resistance to fracked gas infrastructure. Linking the struggles from the north to our own backyards, we will be discussing our ideas around strategy, solidarity, and fomenting social struggle towards revolutionary transformation.

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