Wheel Chair Access:  Both the Abbey and OAP Hall are wheelchair accessible from street level.  Also, washrooms in both venues have a stall that can accommodate a wheelchair.


Before taking any photos or posting them online, please obtain permission of everyone who is in your photo.


To help make this a welcoming event for those who have chemical sensitivities or allergies, please refrain from wearing perfume and other scented-body products.

Kid's Space

Childcare will not be provided. However  there will be an allocated hang-out space for kids with supplied crafts, books, and resting area.  Also, for those who want it, informal "childcare" is encouraged for those who would like to facilitate a kid adventure, or for parents/care providers to organize care amongst themselves.
Please make spaces welcoming to children and their parents who attend.


Gender-neutral washrooms will be made available in each venue.


Living in this complex, contested time means that there are hard questions that need to be asked and the hard work of careful listening is vital to hearing each other. Do not assume you know where someone is coming from. Be open to positions different from yours.

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